Just a quick reminder that today is the deadline for early registration on all June camp sessions. If you have not taken advantage of this offer you still have till midnight. Our first session with Baldwin county starts in just 2 weeks! We are looking forward to an amazing summer with a lot of new improvements around the camp ground. See you all very soon.
-Byron Smith

Bennett Walker, who attended our “Teen Week” this past summer, was killed in an automobile accident yesterday. He was in his Junior year and found our camp on the web. Without an invitation or contacts, he sought out a place to surround himself with God’s people. If I knew nothing else about this young man, I would still be impressed. Bennett attended the Corinth Church of Christ in Woodville, MS. For those who would like to send cards of encouragement to the family, they may be reached at PO Box 1739 Woodville, MS 39669.

We are now down to the last 24 hours of camp. As Montgomery Inner City Ministry finishes up, I must say it’s been a long summer. We ran 10 different sessions which is a record for GCBC. Over 1200 individuals made this summer possible and I hope this camp has been a true blessing to each of you.
I want to say a special thanks to all the counselors who spent time “In the Trenches”. Camp wouldn’t matter if it weren’t for you adults who live with the campers 24/7 showing them Christ in a special way. I also want to thank my board for your prayers this summer over this ministry and my family.
I would say I’ll miss you all, but looking at the calendar I’m noticing most everyone will be back within the next 3 months. Looking forward to seeing the MCS seniors next Friday.


Each summer we work hard to find good Christian life guards. This year our female life guard from Faulkner University, had unforseeable circumstances arise and is unable to work with us. If any females with life guard certification, would like to work one week or multiple weeks please contact Byron Smith at (251) 753-0962.

water balloon tower 2

2014 Camp Sessions begin in only 5 days!  Our new Water Balloon capture the flag field will be opened and ready to go. This should be a great way to stay cool and have some great Christian family fun!

Please know our first session with Verlon Carrell and Stephen Watson is filling up quickly. For those who are planning to register Sunday, please touch base with your directors first to make sure bunks are available.

Verlon may be reached by text at (601) 319-5711.



With Bible classes conducted daily, you don't want to be without it.

Bring your pillow & something to sleep on (twin size mattresses)

Bring enough clothes for 6 days & pack extra for safe measure

Don't just bring sandals; pack shoes & socks for sports & activities

Swim GearSwim Gear
Pack a bathing suit & anything else you need for daily swim time

Bring multiple towels for showers & swimming

Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, & other essentials

For those nightime walks to the bathhouse or special evening events

Bug SprayBug Spray
Summertime at camp means bugs at camp so come prepared

Rain GearRain Gear
Downpours happen at camp and a jacket or umbrella will be useful

Don't forget to bring money to buy snacks at canteen & a camp t-shirt

Camp StaffAs of 2012 the Board of Directors requires that all individuals who desire to serve as a members of GCBC's staff for all camp sponsored retreats and summer camp sessions complete an application. Please visit our Staff Application page or click on the adjacent staff image to fill out the online application.

Please complete this form in its entirety and read the "Verification and Release" section thoroughly. In addition, the Board of Directors requests that all staff applicants familiarize themselves with the "Camp Rules" and "Clothing Policy" provided on the Camp Sessions page, noting that they apply to the staff as well.

All applicants will be required to submit a background check at least 2 weeks before the start of the camp session.

Adobe ReaderClicking on the button below will take you to a downloadable version of the form if you prefer to print, fill out, and mail in the application manually. You will need Adobe Reader to open this form. Click here to download this free program.

Download Staff Application Form